Guarantee and maintenance programme

Build completed and keys are handed over.

Our guarantee to you

Day 1 to Day 30
During this time we allocate the new owners one part time staff member for 30 days. They will arrive at the villa at 8am and leave at midday Monday through Friday. Their role is to help you in your new home. Things like showing locations of pumps, electric boards, what switch does what, pool maintenance and cleaning, watering the garden, adjusting doors or windows, anything you need regarding the villa. We want to make the transition to be an easy one.

3 month, 6 month, 9 and 12 month final inspection
A meeting will be scheduled at our office at the end of each quarterly period. We will go through any aspect of the villa that needs attention. There could be a loose tile, a crack on thewall, or even a noisy pump or faulty air conditioner. We will go through the maintenance list with you and schedule the work to be completed by the end of the following month.

All emergency faults or work will take priority and be fixed as soon as possible. All of this is our guarantee to you, we are with you from design through construction to handover and there for another 12 months. This is included in the contract because we know our homes are of exceptional quality.